Behind the Brand: Viski

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Behind the Brand: Viski

World-class designer and supplier of beverage lifestyle accessories, True Brands, aims to bring customers 100% satisfaction with on-trend products at accessible prices. With a motivated product development team and cutting-edge in-house designers based in Seattle Washington, True Brands introduced their exclusive brand collection, Viski,  in 2014.

Since its founding, the Viski brand continues to innovate contemporary wine and barware accessories that completely transform home cocktail crafting. Redefining classic barware with unique designs that fuse modern elegance and timeless sophistication, Viski is a brand perfect for the home entertainer who wants to make a lasting impression. 

From authentic marble shot glasses to faceted Moscow mule mugs, Viski brand products impress your guests and add a unique finesse to every party and occasion. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or want to update your bar cart with new accessories, Viski delivers exceptional quality with on-trend aesthetics. In our exclusive interview, Viski reveals how their brand began and where their unique source of inspiration comes from.

How did Viski get started?

We saw an opportunity to bring professional-quality bar tools to the home cocktail crafting enthusiast. We have been developing the collection since 2014.

Where does Viski get their design inspiration?

We are inspired by the art of craft cocktails, and the experience of serving and enjoying them.  Our tools and glassware aim to respect the craft of distillers and winemakers with premium quality accessories.

How would you describe the Viski customer?

The Viski customer is a highly discerning enthusiast of fine wines and spirits, seeking to enjoy cocktail culture at its highest level.

Viski products are made with beautiful materials like glass, metal, and precious stones. How does Viski source their natural materials used in production?

We work with a selective network of factories and suppliers to develop long-lasting and elegant product that will serve a bartender for many years.

What can you tell us about where Viski products are made, the people who make them, and the process?

Our lead-free crystal glassware is handcrafted by factories that understand Viski and its brand emphasis on quality. Our barware is made from 304 stainless steel. Its durability allows for the best resistance to corrosion and scratches.

What are some of the highlights customers should watch for in the Viski holiday collections?

  • Barware cocktail sets - muddled, shaken, stirred.
  • Cocktail specific glassware - gin & tonic, prosecco, amaro spritz

What’s next for Viski?

    We want to place a continuing emphasis on high-quality glassware and barware, with a price positioning that is more accessible to a larger audience. We will continue to provide a focused selection of products that allows the professional bartender or the experimental cocktail user to curate their own barware collection.

    We’re introducing new finishes and colors in barware - our current selection is dominated by a high shine, polished finish in four distinct metals. We’re also working on glassware in borosilicate (our glassware is typically in lead-free crystal), which allows Viski to explore color options.

    Whether you're a home entertainer who loves to host memorable parties or mixology and craft cocktails are your weekend hobby, Peccadilly offers a wide selection of Viski barware essentials you're sure to love. 

    Viski Handmade Crystal from Viski on Vimeo.

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