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Behind the Brand: Bastet Noir

Lyana Pearson on
Behind the Brand: Bastet Noir

Bastet Noir is known for designing beautiful, custom-made clothing for women who know their personal power, use their voice and express their individuality. 

We interviewed Bastet Noir founder, Daniela Milosheska about her favorite trends in fashion and what inspires her. Read on to see what she said.

What inspired the start of Bastet Noir?
Bastet Noir was born out of the idea to create unique and powerful clothing pieces for women of all sizes. We want to celebrate all shades of beautiful, while adding comfort and sassiness into each design. That's why our entire line is custom-made according to the specific measurements of every woman who buys our designs. It's like having your own affordable tailor.

What do you love most about design?
I love the creative process involved. From seeking inspiration throughout art and history books or just flipping pages of old fashion magazines, to putting the sketches of designs on paper, all the way to sourcing fabrics (ok, this is my least favorite one, but it's still a part of the process) and eventually turning that piece of paper into an amazing piece of clothing. I love everything about it.

Women's Plunging Neckline Silk Shirt in Ocher Yellow by Bastet Noir  Women's Plunging Neckline Full Length Jumpsuit in Black by Bastet Noir

What do you think the fashion industry is lacking?
I honestly think that it lacks a better sustainable business model, especially with the millennial generation, all being different and unique in their own way. I think the business model of affordable fashion will soon be replaced by the business of young and emerging designers. In my opinion it also lacks a bit of direction lately and a dose of elegance. It seems like we've lost the splendor fashion once had.

How do you want women to feel when they wear your garments?
Powerful, confident and comfortable. We think that clothes are meant to empower, so our women have true grit and untamable nature and we hope that the clothes we create make them feel beautiful in their own skin, allowing them to be a force of nature.

What three trends are you loving in the fashion world right now?
Velvet, millennial pink and minimalism.

Women's Velvet Pants in Navy Blue by Bastet Noir  Women's Silk Jumpsuit in Pink by Bastet Noir

Who is your style icon?
Lately I'm obsessed with Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz. I think her style is sophisticated, mature and clean. Whatever she wears, she looks powerful and radiant. What I love most about her though it's her slick, architectural approach to fashion.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?
Hmm, this is a though one. It's probably, just be yourself. Simple as that! Individualism and confidence win every time.

What’s on the top of your holiday wish list?
This season, sequins everything really. I'm not really a fan of sparkly items, but subtle sequins or details on a garment looks amazing, especially on a grey winter day.

What trends do you predict will be big in 2018?
I think fringes and transparent clothing will be huge for spring/summer 2018 together with minimal and satin trends. When it comes to colors though, I believe that lilac, red and white will definitely be the shades of the season.

What are your top three favorite things on our site right now?


See the whole Bastet Noir collection here.

—Bastet Noir photography by Jovana Zuka.

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