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Behind the Brand: Shh by Sadie Jewelry

Lyana Pearson on
Behind the Brand: Shh by Sadie Jewelry

Shh by Sadie Collection on Peccadilly

We love the fun, colorful styles and fine craftsmanship Sadie Hawker brings to her luxury handmade jewelry line, Shh by Sadie. We just knew she had to be a fun, inspirational spirit herself, so we asked her to let us interview her. We’re excited that she agreed! Read our Designer Spotlight on Shh by Sadie:

How did you get your luxury handmade jewelry company started?
It began through making jewellery as a hobby while I was living in New Zealand, and has grown organically since then. People were interested in my designs, and so I began having a little market stall, approached shops, and it has steadily kept growing. I never set out to start a jewellery line, but am so glad I did!

Do you get inspired by different places, people, textiles for your pieces?
I’m definitely inspired by textiles and colour. I’ve always been a “more is more” type of person where fashion is concerned, and so patterns, prints, colour, textures – give me them all!

Shh by Sadie Collection on Peccadilly

How would you describe the vibe of Shh by Sadie?
Shh by Sadie has a fun, glamorous, confident vibe. We like to wear things that make us feel happy and are not afraid to try something new.

Who is your style icon?
I don’t really have one at the moment – I like effortless, glamorous, layered looks. Please feel free to send me suggestions @shhbysadie!

You began designing the jewelry in New Zealand- did the location inspire you?
The location didn’t necessarily inspire me as much as the environment encouraged me. New Zealanders enjoy artisan made, locally sourced products, and this encouraged me to approach stores – it helped to know there was a market for the product. Handmade jewellery generally costs more than the disposable fashion jewellery that is churned out for chain stores, but people appreciate the art and the effort that goes into a handmade item. That was extremely encouraging in the early days!

Sadie Hawker, designer and owner of Shh by Sadie Jewelry line. Available on Peccadilly

What are your three current favorites right now in your collection?
So hard to choose! Now it’s autumn, my everyday necklaces are the Acapulco and Tropic Exotic. I love to layer them with jeans, a t-shirt and leather jacket. And my newest favourites is the XO Acapulco cuff – it’s such a statement piece.

What three trends are you loving in the fashion world right now?
Colourful leather jackets – it’s like an update on an old faithful!
Velvet dresses – so Christmassy! Victorian style blouses. I think they look so pretty with jeans and heels.

What is your favorite outfit you’ve worn in the past 6 months?

Well, I got married in July and so I’ll say my wedding dress! We were married in a 14th century French chateau, it was beautiful! I made my own bridal and bridesmaid jewellery. The wedding was also how I came up with the idea for my Charmed Heart bag charms – I first made them for my female guests, and they were so popular that I added them to my store!

Sadie Hawker's wedding - bridal and bride's maid jewelry handmade by Sadie

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?
It would be to dress for yourself. You know when you ask someone’s opinion about an item and they don’t like it? Well if you love it – buy it anyway! I did that recently with a pair of pink leather boots in Portugal. My husband told me not to buy them, and my sister told me she hated them. But I feel happy every single time I wear them, and am so glad I didn’t let their opinions sway me ;-)

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More about Shh by Sadie…

Shh by Sadie pieces reflect Sadie's love of fun, colourful, on trend statement jewellery that will last longer than one season and be mixed and matched for years to come. Some intricately woven, others combined with unique vintage items, many of Shh by Sadie’s inspired designs are one of a kind. Her jewelry has been featured in Kate Nash’s music video, a variety of popular magazines and fashion advertisements.    

Ideas from Sadie's current favorite trends in fashion:
Try the layered look. Brightly colored leather jackets by D'Arienzo in: Yellow and RedMiami Nights Necklace with jeans and tee.

    Miami Nights Necklace - Shh by Sadie.    


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