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Mid-century Modern Design: What It Is and Why You Should Check It Out

Jen Myhre on
Mid-century Modern Design: What It Is and Why You Should Check It Out
Even if you’re not an interior design buff, you’ve probably heard of the mid-century modern style. The design movement originated the the mid-20th century (hence the name), when furniture makers began mass-producing furnishings after World War II. Mid-century modern interior design is defined by clean, simple lines with minimal fuss. Form follows function. Mid-century design strips away all the bells and whistles of earlier interior design styles, and instead highlights the beauty of a piece’s function. Mid-century modern mixes natural materials, like wood and fabric, with less common materials like plastic, metal, glass, lucite, and vinyl to create unique looks.

Mid-century modern’s name was coined by author Cara Greenberg for her 1984 book on the design style. Greenberg’s book created a new interest in mid-century modern design. While trendy designers incorporated mid-century pieces into stylish homes throughout the 1990’s, the the interior style didn’t become mainstream again until AMC’s 1960’s-set  Mad Men became a hit in 2007.

Why does mid-century modern style continue to be so popular? Because it’s simple, and simplicity is timeless. You can invest in a mid-century modern-inspired piece and rest assured that it won’t look outdated in 10 years. The classic design style’s clean lines work well in contemporary homes and small apartments. Many retailers carry the mid-century style, so the aesthetic is accessible for those with lower price points. Mid-century modern pieces are versatile and look amazing mixed with other design styles. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Throw in some contemporary pieces, and you have a multi-dimensional, transitional yet trendy look.

You don’t need to go vintage to capture the mid-century modern design aesthetic. In fact, original mid-century modern items will cost you a pretty penny. If you don’t want your home to look like a time capsule, simply add a few mid-century items here and there for a modern flare.

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