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Modern Home Decor: How To Decorate Your Home In Modern Style

Jen Myhre on
Modern Home Decor: How To Decorate Your Home In Modern Style

Your home says a lot about who you are. Whether it’s a farmhouse in the country, or a studio apartment in a bustling metropolitan city, the space you live in reflects your life, and your home decor should do the same. Clean lines, neutral colors, minimalist aesthetic, these are all elements of modern home decor, and if you’ve seen it in magazines you most likely notice this style’s flawless perfection. You may have a vision of what you want your modern home to look like, but how do you bring that vision to life?

Here at Peccadilly we love brands with unique modern style, and offer a wide variety of modern home decor collections. Bring a bit of modern into your home with these decorating tips to transform your living space into a modern sanctuary.

Clean lines

Modern home decor features very “clean” design elements, meaning straight lines with minimalist architecture. Most modern furniture is simple in decoration and efficient in function. There are no distracting bells and whistles. If you want to make your space more modern, decorate with furniture that serves simplicity and function. This Orange22Modern minimal floating wall desk maximizes your space and holds your office essentials. Simple in design, and efficient in function, this desk is the epitome of modern home decor. Remember, for modern home decor less is always more.

All about the neutrals

Modern home decor is minimalist in both design and color. If you want to bring modern style to your space consider keeping the overall color scheme neutral and use bright colors to accent. Keep your walls simple with colors like white, black, tan, or grey. Add pops of color with home decor accessories like brightly colored floor poufs, or vibrant accent pillows.

If the neutrals bore you, spice up your modern color scheme by experimenting with different metallics like copper, gold, and silver. Accent chairs and table lamps are a great way to incorporate metallics for a sophisticated, modern style. Your space doesn’t have to be completely black and white to be modern. Have fun experimenting!

Let light in

Natural light is a key element in modern design. Even if your space doesn’t have a large number of windows, there are plenty of ways to bring more light to any room.

  • Create more light with mirrors. Using mirrors as wall decor creates an optical illusion that makes your space appear larger and brighter. Mirrors maximize the space and natural lighting you already have without adding clutter.
  • Hang window curtains from a height that is taller than the actual window. When you place your curtain rod a foot or two above the outline of your window (rather than right above it) you make the window appear larger than it actually is.
  • Use lightweight fabrics for window treatments. Dark curtains will deplete natural light. Keep the curtain fabric as light and transparent as possible.

Geometric Shapes

Tables shaped like pyramids, chairs shaped like hexagons, you’ll notice that a lot of “modern” furniture is geometric in design. Geometric furniture helps diversify the simplicity of a modern space in a clean and sleek way. Modernize your kitchen with geometric dinnerware, decorate your walls with geometric shaped picture frames, even bring modern design outdoors with geometric plant containers on your porch or patio. There’s tons of ways to incorporate different shapes and patterns with furniture and decor in any room.

Clean lines, neutral colors, and geometric shapes are an easy way to bring your modern vision to life. Keep these modern design tips in mind to make your space simple, sophisticated, and functional. Shop modern home decor on Peccadilly and personalize your space to suit your modern style.
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