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Peccadilly's Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100

Jen Myhre on
Peccadilly's Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100

While Russel Stover chocolates, bouquets of flowers, and pink gift cards are perfectly fine Valentine's Day Gifts for the special someone in your life, why not branch out and try something different this year and dazzle that special someone (or yourself) with something unique?  

Here are some Valentine's Day gifts you can purchase here on Peccadilly for under $100.

Prices listed are sale prices through Valentine's Day, 2019.

valentines day gifts

Brix Chocolate for Wine - $21.56

For a lover who loves both chocolate and wine, knock out two birds with one stone with this sweet combination. Perfect for accompanying a romantic dinner, a night out, or a night in with Netflix.

Heart Wine and Whiskey Stones - $14.36

Have you ever heard of reusable ice cubes? Freeze these stones, plop them into your favorite glass, and pour your favorite beverage for a nicely chilled drink. Just clean and refreeze after use and you're ready to go again, and again, and again.

valentines day gifts

Champagne Lovers Boxed Book and Map Set - $83.26

Few gifts are as niche-specific as this one. This book and map set features pull-out trays that detail the terroirs of Louis Larmat's vineyards, making this the perfect gift for a lover who is also a dedicated champagne connoisseur. You might even learn a thing or two.

Drink Tumbler Set of 3 - $25.95

This gift set is ideal for both couples and singles alike. Spice up a date or celebrate National Singles-awareness Day with your friends with these reusable drink tumblers complete with reusable straws and lids.

valentines day gifts

Heart-Shaped Bangle Flasks - $23.96

This Valentine's Day, show your love and appreciation for each other (and for a good spirit or two) with this set of heart-shaped bangle flasks. Use at your own leisure, at parties, and really anywhere else you can take your favorite liquor.

Velvet-Striped Pillow in Pink - $37.95

Keep it simple this Valentine's Day with this Velvet-striped pillow in pink. Treat yourself or the love of your life with this stylish, comfortable pillow. Who says you can't enjoy nice, pink things?

valentines day gifts

Grey Felt Smokey the Cat Bag - $25.96

Looking for something cute, fashionable, and portable? This Smokey the Cat bag is all three. Store your valuables and take them wherever you go in a safe, manageable place that'll have friends and bystanders wishing they had one.

Raye Bordeaux Gift Set - $63.96

This fancy drinkware set is made from the finest Venetian glassmaking traditions, combining elegance with affordability. Pull out all the stops on your next date (or "me" party) and enhance your spirit-drinking experience.

valentines day gifts

Gold-Plated Tassel Pink Earrings - $68.76

For the lady in your life who loves fancy, over-the-top pink jewelry. Surprise her with this eye-catching set of earwear that's sure to be a fashionable accessory to her outfits.

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