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Peccadilly's Great Gifts Under $100

Jen Myhre on
Peccadilly's Great Gifts Under $100

No matter the occasion or time of year, we all have people in our lives who are more than deserving of the occasional surprise. For some, that means sitting at home and crafting something unique; for most, it means online shopping. Here are some great universal gifts for birthdays, weddings, valentine's day, anniversaries, or any occasion for men or women you can purchase here on Peccadilly for under $100.

green metal cooler

Vintage Green Metal Cooler - $82.00

This vintage cooler looks like it's been lifted straight from the 1950's and is perfect for transporting your favorite beverages. This would be especially nice to keep wine chilled on a romantic outing.

wine rack

Rustic Farmhouse Metal and Wood Wine Rack - $54.95

Surprise the wine-lover in your life with this beautiful and sturdy wine rack. It mounts vertically or horizontally and displays four standard wine bottles. Its traditional farmhouse design makes it perfect for the wine connoisseur who is also a rabid fan of Little House on the Prairie.

whiskey glass

Raye Double-Walled Chilling Whiskey Glass - $27.00

Whiskey enthusiasts will tell you that it's all about the glass. This six-ounce, double-walled chilling glass will not dilute flavor; instead, its built-in cooling gel and unique design will keep your whiskey chilled and delicious for many hours. The perfect gift for whiskey connoisseurs.

tablet book stand

Puri Beach House Tablet and Book Stand (Fair Trade) - $57.00

When's the last time you saw a hand-crafted tablet stand made of antique wood? That's right, prop your iPad, Kindle, or an actual book up on this bad boy and you've got one heck of a view. This stand features cutouts for cables that allow you to plug your device in while you're using it and sports a collapsible design for portability. ceramic mixing bowls

Pantry Clay & Ceramic Mixing Bowl Set - $69.95

Perfect for cooks who seem to always lose track of their good mixing bowls, this ceramic mixing bowl set is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to spend their days in the kitchen. Not only are these mixing bowls practical they nest together for easy storage. They also look great, adding flavor to any style kitchen.


industrial style lamp

Industrial Copper Edison Table Lamp - $94.80

Looking for some industrial revolution-looking décor to spice up your home? Look no further. This copper table lamp is hand-finished and crafted from metal and concrete with the utmost level of care and expertise, making it a sturdy and reliable source of lighting. If you're in search of a decor update, this is a great place to start.

Rosewood Headphones from BigR Audio- $99.00

Built and ready for the modern age, these headphones will be a "sound" gift for the millennial in your life (or yourself). BigR headphones feature sustainably harvested rosewood, passive noise cancellation, and stereo sound that will put your earbuds to shame. The 40mm dynamic Neodymium drivers offer powerful & accurate stereo sound performance.

chess set

LED Glow Chess Set in Blue and White - $71.30

For the aspiring grandmaster in your life, this LED chess set will provide hours of fun in both broad daylight and the dead of night. The chess set plugs in and accepts four AA batteries so you can play whenever and wherever the urge for a good game calls. The chess pieces light up in blue or white when they are either on or near the board. 

drink bottle

Insulated 34-ounce Silver Drink Bottle with Carry Cover - $74.00

Environmentally conscious water lovers will love this stainless steel, silver drink bottle. Not only does it help to prevent ocean-damaging plastic-bottle waste, it comes with its own protective carry cover. It will keep your cold drinks cold for over 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for over 12. 

bar gift set

Hammered Copper Bar Gift Set - $75.95

If you're shopping for someone who needs to upgrade their drink sets or bar décor, consider this copper bar gift set that comes with a cocktail shaker and two Moscow Mule mugs. Put it on display at the next party or stow it away in a glass display case for special occasions. 

beverage dispenser

Country Cottage Pearl Beverage Dispenser - $87.00

This teardrop-shaped beverage dispenser not only has incredible style but is also as practical as those cardboard dispensers you can buy at your local grocery store. Pop the cork and store 2.5 gallons of any liquid inside, for plenty of beverage to share.


Element LED Touch Table Lamp with Gunmetal Finish - $100

Everyone's got more room for fancy in their homes. All it takes is an LED touch table lamp to illuminate those empty spaces. Its bright LED light makes it an ideal lighting source for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and home offices. The sleek gunmetal finish and modern design will have guests in awe.

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