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Behind the Brand: PX Clothing LA

Lyana Pearson on
Behind the Brand: PX Clothing LA

So Cal Casual Menswear - Peccadilly PX Clothing LA Collection

We recently asked So Cal casual menswear designers PX Clothing LA to let us interview them and are thrilled that they agreed! We love their green partnership mission and are excited to learn more about their origins and inspiration. Read our Designer Spotlight on PX Clothing LA:

How did you get your Menswear company started? 
Our parent company has been in the Mens apparel industry for 35 years. In 2000, we saw the opportunity for making a line with novelty fabrics and washes for a sophisticated customer without having to break the bank. We’re a family business and we’ve some employees that still work for us since day 1!

How do the company’s roots in LA inspire designs? 
It’s easy to get inspirations being in a happy & sunny city everyday. We’re able to discover new trends & colors on a walk in Santa Monica or at the corner coffee shop.

Peccadilly PX Clothing LA Collection

How would you describe the vibe of PX Clothing? 
We pride ourselves on making wearable fashion. We find trends and make them understandable for everyone—whether it’s our plaid shirts or our curved hem tops—anyone from the East, West, Midwest, South, or wherever can get behind!

What are your three current favorite PX Clothing pieces right now?

Peccadilly PX Clothing collection - handmade So Cal menswear

What three trends are you loving in the fashion world right now?

    • The simplicity of a great fitting Henley is all you really need to look like a stud.
    • The attention to great looking accessories — wallets, backpacks, duffles, etc. It all adds up.
    • Dad hats. They really tie a look together.

    Who is your style icon? 
    The average Joe, who cares about how they dress & feel, grinds hard everyday, and still fits in time to hit happy hour with the buddies.

    What do you think menswear is missing these days? 
    More comfortable & stylish shoes in big sizes! I struggle at size 14!

    Peccadilly's PX Clothing Collection

    What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received? 
    Keep your chin up or the crown could slip off.

    How does your “going green” priority shape your products? 
    We’ve been working with this green factory for over 25 years. We have an extremely close relationship with them. We’re just happy to be doing our part, both helping guys look and feel great, and making a positive impact on the world simultaneously.

    View our PX Clothing Los Angeles collection.

    More about PX Clothing…
    PX Clothing LA is comfortable, casual So Cal inspired apparel that is so stylish it’s sought-after by boutiques and department stores around the world. It’s an added bonus that these clothes and gear are also super practical. For the man who wants to wear his clothes without worrying about them wearing out. Still small enough to be a family run business partnering with Green factories, PX is growing because the discerning consumer demands the kind of quality with a social mission this label prides itself on. 

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