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Simple Natural Substitutes for Chemicals in Your Bath + Body Lineup

Jen Myhre on
Simple Natural Substitutes for Chemicals in Your Bath + Body Lineup

Take a look at the ingredients on the label of your favorite body care product. Do you recognize the ingredients? If you’re looking at a list of chemicals, be wary. For better or for worse, whatever we apply onto our body can get absorbed into our body. You wouldn’t eat these chemicals, so why would you put them on your skin or use them to brush your teeth?

You can reduce your exposure to toxins by switching out commercial personal care products for their natural counterparts. Below are some of the biggest offenders of chemical additives, and our natural recommendations.


Our skin is our largest organ, so it’s super important that we take care of it! Additionally, the skin absorbs almost everything we put onto it. Chemicals in common skincare products can cause side effects like itching, inflammation, and rashes.

Some of our favorite natural alternatives are Foaming Face Wash by Body Food, Trunk Scrub Shea Soap in Rosemary Mint, Luxurious Whipped Body Butter by Body Food, and Men's Oil Control Lotion by Vitaman

Hair Care

Your scalp is a part of your skin, so anything that can be absorbed through your skin can also be absorbed through your scalp. Additionally, many commercial hair care products contain ingredients that are harmful for the environment. Instead, try natural hair care products that harness the power of nature to improve your hair and scalp.

Our favorite? Healthy Hair Duo with Coconut Oil or Goat Milk Shampoo and Coconut Vinegar Conditioning Rinse by Body Food.

Dental Care

Mouthwash helps to fight cavities, reduce plaque and bad breath, and prevent gingivitis. Commercial mouthwashes contain alcohol and chemical dyes, some of which you end up consuming. Over time, this can really add up!

Instead, try Aloe Vera Mouth Rinse by Body Food, which cleans teeth and promotes oral health without any harmful chemicals. We also love Whitening Mint Toothpaste by Marvis,  with all-natural ingredients.

Lip Products

We end up ingesting anything we put on our lips. Some sources estimate that over the course of their lives, women will consume up to 4 lbs of lip product! That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re using a safe, natural lip product with no harmful additives. We love Sweet Mint Lip Balm by Basalt and Mooi Lab Lip Gloss as natural alternatives.

Have you tried natural products? Let us know in the comments!

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