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Vegan Handbags You Can Feel Good About Buying

Jen Myhre on
Vegan Handbags You Can Feel Good About Buying

Handbags are the quintessential accessories we carry with us everywhere that hold our most valuable belongings. While they play an essential role in our wardrobe and our daily lives, the choices we make when shopping for a handbag affect more than just our outfit. The fashion industry can be pretty irresponsible when it comes to animal rights and protecting the environment, and if you’re a shopper who cares about the impact your wardrobe decisions have on both animals, and the environment, you’ll want to shop wisely.

Vegan handbags not only work to take a stand against animal cruelty within the fashion industry, they help promote the use of sustainable production practices for our favorite accessories. If you want to shop for vegan handbags that you can feel good about buying, Peccadilly is the place.

Animal cruelty facts that will make you want to shop for vegan fashion

Most handbags are made of leather, and unfortunately, much of that leather isn’t properly labeled, which means as a consumer you have no idea where it truly came from. In 2013 China was the leading exporting nation of leather goods with an export value of over 30 billion US dollars. In most areas of China animal welfare laws are non-existent and there is no penalty for those who abuse animals. As the leading exporter, if you have unlabeled leather hanging in your closet, it’s likely that it came from China, a country with no respect or laws to protect animal rights.

The fur industry is also notorious for the mistreatment, and in many cases, torture of innocent animals, especially in India and China. 85% of the fashion industry’s fur comes from animals in fur factory farms where living conditions are treacherous, and horrifying acts like electrocution, neck-breaking, and poisoning by strychnine are used to brutally kill innocent animals. Fur factory farms push the welfare of animals aside to preserve the animal’s skin and fur for the sake of fashion.

If you’re looking to stand against animal cruelty within the fashion industry check out these vegan designer collections at Peccadilly.

Gunas Vegan Handbags

Gunas is more than a vegan handbag designer. They not only dedicate their brand to protect the rights of animals, but the rights of workers as well. The epitome of fair-trade and ethical fashion, Gunas designs vegan handbags that are 100% animal-free and come from factories that are checked for ethical working conditions. Cruelty-free, sweatshop-free, Gunas has vegan handbags you can certainly feel good about purchasing. From color-blocked cross body to tote bags that carry your laptop and work essentials, Gunas designs vegan handbags that fit your life perfectly and make you a socially responsible shopper.


Mechaly’s passion is founded on protecting animal rights. Designers of vegan handbags, shoes, and accessories, they are a PETA-approved, cruelty-free and certified vegan brand. Shop their large selection of vegan handbags at Peccadilly. We offer everything from chic vegan leather backpacks to crossbody clutches and even vegan leather wallets. If you’re considering shopping vegan handbags, Mechaly is a brand you’ll want to follow.

Shopping vegan is a lifestyle choice that helps saves the lives of innocent animals around the world. When you choose to buy a vegan handbag you’re helping to stand against animal cruelty for the sake of fashion. Check out Peccadilly’s large selection of vegan designer handbags and make a buying decision you can be proud of.

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