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Glacier Rocks Stainless Steel Sphere

On the rocks shouldn€™t mean watered down. Freeze our diamond-bright stainless steel liquor sphere, then pour your libation of choice directly over it. Suddenly, neat drinks are even cooler. Includes 1 Ice Sphere And Storage...

Viski Glacier Rocks Soapstone Cubes Set of 9

Viski Glacier Rocks Soapstone Cubes keep your drinks ice cold andyour glassware scratch free. Never drink a diluted libation again and enjoy your finest liquors to their fullest. Includes 9 Soapstone Cubes Comes With Natural...

Viski Glacier Rocks Large Stainless Steel Cubes

ViskiGlacier Rocks Large Stainless Steel Cubes ensure yourdrink is never watered down. Simply freeze them, and pour your favorite spirit for a drink that's colder and neater. Includes 2 Freezable Cubes and 1 Storage Pouch...

Country Home Glacier Rock Cooling Stones

Country Home Glacier Rock Cooling Stones chill your finest whiskey without watering it down. Carved from premium soapstone, after just two hours in the freezer, they're ready for use. Set of 6. Includes 6 soapstones...

Football Glacier Rocks Set of 4

This one's a touchdown for whiskey fans. Freeze these football-shaped chilling stones and they'll act just like ice cubes"‚¬Âonly they'll maintain their temperature for longer, and won't water down the taste of your drink. Score!...

Stainless Steel Skull Glacier Rocks Set of 2

What goes together better than skeletons and spirits? Our stainless steel skull glacier rocks are dying to know "¦ Just pop them in your drink, and you ll get chills! Set of 2 Stainless steel...

Heart Wine and Whiskey Stones Set of 2

Product Dimensions (In.): H1.25 x W1.5 x D1 | Weight (Lbs): 0.06On the rocks shouldn t mean watered down! Freeze our extra-large heart whiskey rocks, then pour your libation of choice directly over them. Suddenly,...

Soapstone Chilling Cubes and Tumbler Glasses Gift Set of 2

Two classic eight-ounce tumblers plus six top-quality Glacier Rocks make a set meant for anyone serious about neat drinks. Each Glacier Rock soapstone cube freezes like ice to let you savor fine spirits at your...

Ice Ball Mold and Lead-Free Crystal Tumbler Set of 2

Each crystal liquor tumbler is sculpted with a circular channel to match the exact proportions of the ice ball made by its accompanying silicone ice mold. Drop the icy sphere into the channel to chill...
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