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Irving 23.25"H x 16"W x 16"D Drum Pendant Natural Jute Fixture

Embodying timeless traditions while maintaining the fabulous and fashionable elements of trend worthy design, these flawless pieces from the Irving Collection will effortlessly cement itself to your space. These are expertly crafted and Hand Finished...

Scope Porthole Glass Stainless Steel Flask

Don't be left high and dry. Our stainless steel five-ounce flask incorporates a glass porthole window, letting you keep an eye on your cache. Liquor level below the scope? Time to refill. Accommodates 5 oz...

Irving Rocket Cocktail Shaker

Sleek and space-worthy, our retro stainless steel rocket cocktail shaker holds 24 ounces incorporating a strainer, lid, capsule-esque cap, aerodynamic body and launch-ready shaker stand. Hand wash recommended. Set Includes Strainer, Lid, and Base Stainless...

Stainless Steel 17 oz. Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Bow-tied, tuxedo-ed and stately in stainless steel, the Emperor penguin cocktail shaker stands tall amongst standard mixology tools to set your bar collection apart. The vessel holds 17 ounces and incorporates a built-in strainer. Hand...

Irving Stainless Steel Airplane Stir Sticks

Product Dimensions (In.): H9 x W1.5 x D1.5 | Weight (Lbs): 0.1A stiff drink deserves more than a flimsy stir. Our couplet of stainless steel stir sticks are accented at one end with vintage bomber...

Irving Jet Bottle Stopper

Product Dimensions (In.): H4 x W2 x D2 | Weight (Lbs): 0.3Suspended as if soaring over your Syrah or Mourvedre, the jet bottle stopper makes a perfect understated accent for your table or countertop. The...

Metallic Rim Crystal Tumblers Set of 2

This pair of crystal tumblers resurrects the streamlined aesthetics of mid-century modern design, with linear sides and sleek bronze or chrome trim worthy of the corner office. Includes Two 8 Oz Tumblers Stainless Steel Construction...

Irving Airplane Bottle Opener

Grounded in gleaming silver, the jet bottle opener makes a perfect understated accent for your table or countertop. The weighty metal piece, polished to shine sky-bright, curves gracefully into a hooked nose - perfect for...
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