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Stiletto Wine Charms - Set of 6

Product Dimensions (In.): H0.5 x W0.75 x D1.25 | Weight (Lbs): 0These sexy stilettos with their chic heart accents are a shoe-in for cleverest style of wine charm. Hooking by the heel over the edge...

Palm Springs Wine Charms

Product Dimensions (In.): H0.25 x W1 x D1.75 | Weight (Lbs): 0.01Palm trees, flamingos, pineapples, oh my! Clip on one of these Palm Springs inspired charms to each of your guests' wine glasses when you're...

Gold Cactus Acrylic Cups (Set of 2)

Product Dimensions (In.): H4.25 x W3.75 x D3.75 | Weight (Lbs): 0.29Not everything we spot is worth a second glance, but our Cactus Acrylic Cups are more than meets the eye. This set of 2...
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