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Harrison Stainless Steel Cigar Holder

Product Dimensions (In.): H1 x W1.75 x D7.25 | Weight (Lbs): 0.2Keep two cigars in a classic 52-gauge stainless steel case to have them close at hand at any opportune moment. Opening the cap releases...

Admiral Stainless Steel Cigar Holder and Flask

Product Dimensions (In.): H8.25 x W1.75 x D1 | Weight (Lbs): 0.02Slip something to sip on into a refined stainless steel case, with room for a choice 54-gauge cigar alongside the half-flask. Keep it Caribbean...

Admiral Fuma Wood Cigar Cutter

Product Dimensions (In.): H0.75 x W1.25 x D3.75 | Weight (Lbs): 0.11Our stainless steel guillotine-style cigar cutter is inset with polished wood and clips each cigar cap with a razor-sharp double blade. You’re left with...

Admiral Cherry Wood Humidor

Product Dimensions (In.): H4.5 x W10.25 x D8.75 | Weight (Lbs): 3.04A fine cigar marks the sophisticated conclusion of a business meeting, and defines the slow leisure after dinner with the closest friends. Ward off...
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