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Holiday Gifts for Him

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Pantry Enamel Compost Bin

Our pantry compost bin eliminates smells from food wastes and seals out intrusive bugs - all without surrendering the inherent charm of your kitchen. Polished grey enamel with a carved wooden handle come together to...

Whipped Coconut Oil Toothpaste 4 oz.

This one of a kind whipped toothpaste is nothing short of delicious. You and your whole family will love the salty, sweet brushing experience. Coconut oil, baking soda, and stevia make up this healthy alternative...

Natural Skincare Gift Set

Treat yourself or someone else to this all-natural skincare gift set from Body Food. Gift set includes Ultimate Skin Serum, Lip Balm, and Cuticle Salve in a reusable vinyl drawstring bag (not pictured). Perfect for...

Citrus Cream Deodorant Regular Strength - 4 oz + 1/2 oz Travel Pal

Make the transition to an all natural deodorant today! This pure extract scented product is free of chemicals and toxins and works great! A nourishing Shea butter and Coconut Oil base is mixed with baking...

Ceramic Stacking Cactus Shot Glass with Salt Shaker

These southwest style ceramic shot glasses (2) and salt shaker stack into the shape of a cactus! Could there be anything more perfect for Tequila lovers? From Foster and Rye.

Quark Smart Size Bluetooth Speaker

The Quark is a Universal Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Its unique smart cube design made from wood offers more than just a fashion statement and extreme portability, but outstanding audio performance. It has a universal Bluetooth...

Country Cottage Ceramic Coffee Grinder

Bring vintage charm to your kitchen with this Country Cottage Ceramic Coffee Grinder by Twine. Grind your favorite blend of coffee beans the old-fashioned way with this quality handheld grinder that empties directly into a...

Football Silicone Ice Mold

Nobody likes to tackle a warm beverage, and with this all American ice mold you don't have to! Simply pass this icy football into your glass and score yourself a chilled drink in seconds. Makes...

Tic Tac Shot Drinking Board Game

The stakes just got higher and Tic Tac Toe just got fun. Tic Tac Shot! transforms the classic boredom buster into a risky grown-up game of skill. Game includes: 1 board & 9 shot glasses...

Red Holiday Moscow Mule Mug

Enjoy your favorite holiday beverages in this festively-bedecked mug. Wreathed in resplendent metallic red with a suggestion of brass along the handle, each 16 oz. container imbues just a touch more cheer into any Christmas...

Faux Wood Bottle Opener Sunglasses

We checked the forecast, and there s a one hundred percent chance of beer. Be ready for it with the coolest bottle opener shades around. They re complete with two durable metal bottle openers integrated...

Classic Games Travel Set

All right, gents, let's make it interesting. This set of roll-up board games is sturdy, stowable, and largely impervious to water (fire is another story). Bring it along on all your travels. Canvas game board...

Bottle Opener Sunglasses

We checked the forecast, and there s a one hundred percent chance of beer. Be ready for it with the coolest bottle opener shades around. They re complete with two durable metal bottle openers integrated...
Beer Tasting Field Notebook

Beer Tasting Field Notebook

Put your ale experiences in writing with our Beer Tasting Field Notebook, and become the beer connoisseur you were always meant to be. Bound in durable Kraft paper and fashioned in-house by our talented team...
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Beach Tennis Paddle Set

Beach Tennis Paddle Set from Foster & Rye lets you play yourfavorite beach-friendly version of tennis anywhere. Play on sand, grass, concrete and beyond. Don't forget your sunscreen. Paddles constructed of wood Set includes 2...

Army Man Bottle Opener

Dodge the draft. Go for a bottle instead. Our army-inspired bottle opener is ready to battle caps at a minute's notice - just brace his rifle under the cap's edge and leverage him to pop...

All Natural Unisex Skincare Gift Set

Treat yourself or someone else to an all natural pampering with this gift bag packed with goodies! Included in the reusable vinyl bag (not pictured) is your choice of Body Butter, Ultimate Skin Serum, and...

Brown Sugar Face Scrub 3.7 oz.

Made with Dark Brown Sugar, Raw Unrefined Honey, Sweet Almond Oil, and Pure Mango Extract, this face scrub is like none other. Although it smells (and tastes!) good enough to eat, let your skin in...

Double Whipped Body Butter 4 oz.

Made with luxurious Organic Unrefined Shea Nut Butter and Coconut Oil, this body butter will hydrate, heal, and moisturize your skin like none other. It is amazing what is left when you take out all...

Admiral Fuma Wood Cigar Cutter

Product Dimensions (In.): H0.75 x W1.25 x D3.75 | Weight (Lbs): 0.11Our stainless steel guillotine-style cigar cutter is inset with polished wood and clips each cigar cap with a razor-sharp double blade. You re left...

Admiral Stainless Steel Cigar Holder and Flask

Slip something to sip on into a refined stainless steel case, with room for a choice 54-gauge cigar alongside the half-flask. Keep it Caribbean with rum and a Cuban cigar, or pair Amaro Fernet Branca...

Brushed Aluminum Headphone Stand

Your Headphones are an investment. Why would you throw a 100-200-300-400 dollar investment on the floor, counter, couch, or table? The brushed aluminum lightweight headphone stand makes for a beautiful display piece to show off...

Orchard Gem Stainless Steel Watch in Black

RumbaTime's Orchard Gem Stainless Steel Watch in black features a small case with a multi-faceted crystal. Featuring a push button bracelet clasp, 3-hand movement and 1 year warranty. BEHIND THE BRAND Rumba designs artisan-made watches...

Warren Stoneware Sake Set

Product Dimensions (In.): H8.5 x W8.5 x D3.5 | Weight (Lbs): 3Black doesn't go out of style. In our classic five-piece sake set; jet-black stoneware is overlapped by a glossy obsidian base on each piece,...
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