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Stocking Stuffers for Him

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Weighted Silicone Tea Infuser & Base Sets

Looking for a quick way to brew yourself a cup of loose leaf deliciousness? Look no further. This bright food-grade silicone wonder lets you transform a mug of hot water into liquid flavor paradise, and...

Army Man Bottle Opener

Dodge the draft. Go for a bottle instead. Our army-inspired bottle opener is ready to battle caps at a minute's notice - just brace his rifle under the cap's edge and leverage him to pop...

Football Silicone Ice Mold

Nobody likes to tackle a warm beverage, and with this all American ice mold you don't have to! Simply pass this icy football into your glass and score yourself a chilled drink in seconds. Makes...

Trunk Scrub Shea Soap in Lavender

This 4.2oz/120g Shea Soap Bar is naturally moisturizing and refreshing with packaging made from 100% recycled plastic. Handmade in Ghana from pure unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, essential oils. All Good Stuff. No...

Stag Acacia Wood Bottle Opener

For sipping with friends or swigging solo, our rugged wood-handled stag bottle opener boasts carbon steel antlers and a flat church key base to make brisk work of caps and cans respectively. Going stag doesn't...

Drink Recipe Playing Cards

DESCRIPTION Each of these 54 sturdy, plastic-coated cards features a classic drink recipe and photo. Regulation size cards (3 ½"x 2 ½"). Brand: True Brands Average Delivery Time: 5 Days BEHIND THE BRAND True Brands...
Hashtag Ice Cube Tray

Hashtag Ice Cube Tray

Make drinking social with these cold and clever cubes! Drop a hashtag or two in every drink and make a statement, start a discussion or express yourself the trendy way. Networking just got cooler. #CoolDrink...
$9.16 $11.45

Burke Emerald & Gold Corkscrew

Gleaming gold and emerald make a stunning statement. Our next-level wine key features a double-hinged arm, five-turn worm, and handle-integrated foil cutter. With its colorful accent, it's both elegant and stylish. Gold and green plating...

Country Home Glacier Rock Cooling Stones

Country Home Glacier Rock Cooling Stones chill your finest whiskey without watering it down. Carved from premium soapstone, after just two hours in the freezer, they're ready for use. Set of 6. Includes 6 soapstones...

Pacific Tiki Copper Cocktail Picks Set

At once familiar and totally new, these tiki-inspired cocktail picks draw on sculptural motifs from the Pacific islands. Their metallic finish adds a hint of effortless polish and sets a striking silhouette atop any tropical...

Wood & Stainless Steel Fish Corkscrew

Throw a line and drink some wine. Made of stainless steel and dark wood, this corkscrew is double hinged with a serrated foil cutter, making it the perfect tool to tackle that bottle. Perfect for...

Skull Cocktail Picks

These skull-shaped cocktail picks are the X marks the spot for your favorite garnishes. Like true sunken treasures, they sport a silvery finish. Set of 4 Made of zinc alloy Silver color finish Great gift...

Red Holiday Moscow Shot Mug Set

The pocket-sized version of the classic Moscow Mule mug holds two ounces of said concoction or of something stronger. A red finish catches the light to twinkle merrily fireside or at a holiday party. Set...

Old Kentucky Home Copper Champagne Stopper

Product Dimensions (In.): H2.25 x W1.75 x D1.5 | Weight (Lbs): 0.15Sometimes you just want to enjoy a glass of bubbly, not the whole bottle. This stopper seals in the sparkle and makes sure you've...

Keg Bottle Opener

With our Keg Bottle Opener, you barley have to do anything - simply push down to pop open a cold one. So go out there and break a keg! Removes caps without bending High quality,...
Hand-Off Football Drink Sleeve

Hand-Off Football Drink Sleeve

When it's time to tailgate, this game-day drink sleeve will get you in the spirit. Its comfortable grip is designed for endurance sipping--or at least for avoiding frosty fingers. Keeps your hand warm and your...
$5.96 $7.45

Magnetic BPA Free Drink Markers Set of 6

HOST's Drink Markers are a unique way to identify your drink. This multi-colored set of six markers employ a powerful magnet capable of gripping the stem or rim of your wine glass with ease. When...

Collapsible Keychain Shot Glass

It's a wide wide world. Fortuitously, you can now do shots wherever you roam. Clip the uncommonly handy collapsible keychain shot glass onto your key ring, belt loop, or handle of your liquor jug and...

Anchor Bottle Stopper

Product Dimensions (In.): H4.25 x W1.75 x D0.5 | Weight (Lbs): 0.24Whether you're seaside or tableside, our Anchor's Away (Seaside?) bottle stopper will hold fast an unfinished bottle. Zinc alloy and stainless steel top Gold...

Admiral Stainless Steel Cigar Holder and Flask

Slip something to sip on into a refined stainless steel case, with room for a choice 54-gauge cigar alongside the half-flask. Keep it Caribbean with rum and a Cuban cigar, or pair Amaro Fernet Branca...

Admiral Polished Silver Champagne Foil Cutter

Four sharpened saucer blades effortlessly encircle the tops of wine bottles on this dexterous cutter, ensuring the smooth removal of any unwanted foil. Simply squeeze the sides and give it a quick turn for speedy,...

Admiral Fuma Wood Cigar Cutter

Product Dimensions (In.): H0.75 x W1.25 x D3.75 | Weight (Lbs): 0.11Our stainless steel guillotine-style cigar cutter is inset with polished wood and clips each cigar cap with a razor-sharp double blade. You re left...

Admiral Decanter Tags

Product Dimensions (In.): H0.5 x W2 x D0.5 | Weight (Lbs): 0.01Bowed to rest flush against bottles and decanters, with knotted leather ties to hang by, each of our four polished decanter tags is imprinted...
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