• Our Story


Our story begins with our name - Peccadilly - which comes from the word peccadillo, meaning passion or obsession. We're passionate about helping you experience the joy of giving and celebrating by making it easy to find the things that help you do so.

Products With Stories

At Peccadilly, we’re obsessed with products that have a story to tell. And we’re passionate about helping artisans and independent designers tell their stories, through their products, for modern, socially responsible consumers like you. We make this happen by carefully curating collections of unique products from the U.S. and around the world.

Socially-Responsible Brands

We only work with brands and small businesses that demonstrate a commitment to their employees, communities, and the environment - including support for causes like sustainability, eco-friendly manufacturing, fair trade, safe work environments, and the humane treatment of animals. But it’s not just social responsibility - our brands are equally as focused on the quality, design and craftsmanship of what they make.

Be Authentic. Be Responsible. Be You.

Peccadilly is for people who want purpose behind what they buy, how they look and the way they live. They feel confident knowing they’re taking home something unique and well-made. Something that’s exchanged as few hands as possible along the way, and for which the employees and communities involved are treated fairly and responsibly.



We protect your information and will never sell or provide it to anyone else.


We match pricing for any product on our website from any brand.


We are authorized dealers for every brand we carry, no exceptions.


We verify that all of our products are ethically-produced and sourced.


The brands we work with pay their employees fair wages and provide a safe work environment.


We want to hear from you! Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. You can count on us to meet your needs.