At Peccadilly, we put our CUSTOMERS FIRST 


We will go above and beyond to protect your information. It will never be sold.


We will ALWAYS meet competitor pricing on any product for our customers. Just send us a message and consider it done.


We are authorized dealers and GUARANTEE authenticity for every brand we carry.


The designers of all brands we carry are deeply involved in every step of the process, from design all the way to shipment. All employees receive fair wages and have a safe environment to work in. 


We are proud to offer handmade artisan goods from global communities around the world to support fruitful labor and economic development. All of our global products are fairly traded and ethically sourced.


We love to hear from our customers, whether it is to suggest we carry your favorite brand or to report an issue. We will continuously work to improve our customer's experience.


Peccadilly comes from the word peccadillo, which means a passion for something. At Peccadilly, our passion is finding the perfect collection of products for our customers. Our goal is to offer exclusive brands and labels that produce modern, unique products for the modern, social consumer. These brands offer superior quality products, have a great story to tell, and live by philosophies we at Peccadilly also believe in. We carry everything from global handmade goods to luxury, hard-to-find artisan products.


Please check back often for product updates and new collections. There is always something exciting happening at Peccadilly!