• Body Food Natural Flush Blush with Hibiscus
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Body Food Natural Flush Blush with Hibiscus

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Designer: BODY FOOD

This all natural "flush" is just what you need for a rosy tint minus the chemicals! Use on cheeks, temples, eyes, or anywhere else you'd like a natural hint of color. Made with just Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder, White Kaolin Clay, and Mica Powder, you do not need to compromise for a healthy alternative to chemical filled cosmetics! As with all Body Food products, this is free of chemical additives, fillers, or preservatives!

About the Maker Welcome to CHEMICAL-FREE body care! Here at Body Food, we follow a ZERO synthetic additive, SINGLE-DIGIT ingredient premise - so you can look at a label, and INSTANTLY know exactly what is in the product. The question is simple - ​If you can do body care without man-made chemicals...why wouldn't you?
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